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Motion Control


High Voltage offers motion controlled cinebot now as an in-house service. Being the only rental company in Baltic states to have MRMC camera robot Bolt Jr+ on tracks.

MRMC Bolt™ Jr+ is a lightweight Cinebot™ with a longer reach than the Bolt Jr. The agile, high-speed camera robot comes with a 10kg payload and is an ideal solution for smaller spaces or location work.

Capable of impressive and sophisticated high-speed, automated image capture, the powerful and small cinema robot is ideal for working in tight studio spaces.

At half the weight of Bolt, Bolt Jr+ is an affordable portable motion control Cinebot that can be set up and ready for action in under an hour – making it an obvious choice for use on location.

To add another dimension of movement for the Bolt Jr+, you can run the high-speed camera system on track. Run the cinema robot along a track and follow any object, person, or landscape – giving much more flexibility in terms of visual creativity. With rapid acceleration, the Bolt Jr + on Track can reach 3 meters per second. Additionally, through MRMCs Flair software, you have programmable acceleration profiles so you can consistently reach and maintain desired speeds with pinpoint accuracy.

Max Height (from ground) 2.5m / 8’5″
Lowest Position 0m / 0′
Max Reach (from rotate centre) 1.4m / 4’6″
Arm Arc Move Max. Speed @ Camera 5m/sec.
Arm with Track Max. Speed @ Camera 8m/sec.
Weight Bolt Jr+ 318kg (701 Ibs) + Transport wheels 50kg (110 Ibs)
Maximum camera payload 10kg / 22lbs