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Arri ALEXA Mini LF Camera Kit

Arri ALEXA Mini LF Camera Kit

1,200.00 / day (ex VAT)

Embraced by the world’s leading filmmakers as soon as it was announced, the ALEXA Mini LF is ARRI’s flagship large-format camera. Versatile and adaptable due to its compact size, low weight, and multiple recording formats, the Mini LF offers the best overall image quality for large format and an exciting new REVEAL Color Science post workflow.

1x ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Camera Body
1x ARRI LPL Lens Mount for Arri Alexa Mini LF/ Alexa 35
1x Arri PL-to-LPL Adapter
1x Arri ALEXA Mini LF Multi Viewfinder MVF-2
1x Viewfinder Cable (0.5m, MVF-2) for ALEXA Mini LF
1x Viewfinder Cable (0.35m, MVF-2) for ALEXA Mini LF
1x ARRI Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1
1x Arri Mini Adapter Plate MAP-2A
1x ARRI Center Camera Handle CCH-2
1x ARRI Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3
2x ARRI 15mm Reduction Insert
1x ARRI Mini Side Bracket MSB-2
1x ARRI Mini Side Bracket MSB-3
1x Arri Rear Accessory Bracket RAB-1
1x Arri RAB-1 Clamp 2
1x Arri V-mount Power Splitting Box MkII
1x Arri Compact Bridge Plate CBP-1
2x Support Rod (19mm/240mm)
2x Support Rod (19mm/440mm)
1x ARRI Bottom Dovetail Plate 300mm/12" LW
1x ARRI Power Cable Straight 2 m/6.6 in KC-50 for Alexa
1x Arri Codex Compact Drive Reader (USB-C)
4x Arri Codex Compact Drive 1TB
1x Wooden Camera A-Box for Alexa Mini LF
1x Linx technologies Antenna 1.6dBi
1x Arri Wetsuit ALEXA Mini LF
1x TVLogic F-5A 5.5'' Monitor
3x V-mount Battery Dynacore DS-260S 18A
1x V-mount Charger Dynacore D-2S 2-Ch 2.6A
1x ARRI Alexa Mini LF Camera & Accessories Case
1x Ronford Baker Handgrip Set "Moose" Bars
1x Ronford Baker "Moose" Bar Flat Extension (pair) 160mm

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