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ARRI M90 / M60

ARRI M90 / M60

380.00 / day (ex VAT)

The M-Series encompasses ARRI’s most innovative, Academy Award-winning daylight products featuring the unique, patented MAX Technology reflector. The MAX Technology enables lens-less, focusable lampheads that unify the advantages of a PAR and a Fresnel providing maximum light output.

Additional information

Weight 39.5 kg
1x ARRI EB 6/9 High Speed Ballast
1x ARRI Head Cable 6/9
1x HMI 9000 W/SE GX38 Running Bulb
1x HMI 9000 W/SE GX38 Spare Bulb
1x M90 9kW bulb hour expense
1x Wire Scrim Set 571 mm / 22.48” / ARRI M90
1x ARRI M90 Spillring
1x ARRI M90 Barndoor

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