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CamRade Wetsuit SONY Venice

CamRade Wetsuit SONY Venice

12.00 / day (ex VAT)

As usability and reliability is one the major concerns for operators, especially in tough or time critical filming conditions. Using the Sony VENICE CineAlta you can simply concentrate on filming and not worry about anything else. The design of the camRade wetSuit VENICE helps facilitate this too.

This camRade rain cover is made of water-resistant fabric with a soft lining that minimalizes unwanted sound effects during operation. It also reduces the chance of the camera overheating by allowing hot air to escape via vents and openings.

Due to many smart openings the DoP can use the cover around the desired configuration of the camera. Multiple zippers on the bottom allow easy mounting on a tripod or pedestal while still protected from water splashing up.

The wetSuit is supplied with clear protection covers for a normal and a long lens, making sure that any lens you might use will be well protected. When the lens is shorter than the cover this can be folded back to the correct size.

Full access and visibility during use is guaranteed by the several clear vinyl windows, which can be easily opened and closed with hook and loop fasteners.

This item will be delivered to you in a waterproof pouch with zipper, which you can use for storage and transportation of the cover when not in active use.

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