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Creamsource Vortex8

Creamsource Vortex8

138.00 / day (ex VAT)

This 650W Vortex8 2×1 RGBW LED has a wide range of colors, effects, and powerful illumination that rivals a 1200W HMI light. The Vortex8 features a massive 14,000 lux in daylight at 9.8′, a color temperature range of 2200 to 15,000K, full RGBW spectrum LEDs, full hue/saturation control, 0 to 100% dimming control, and a CRI/TLCI of 95. Connectivity options include built-in LumenRadio TimoTwo, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 5-pin DMX, Wi-Fi, USB Type-A, and a Creamsource Accessory port. The Vortex8 is built and designed to withstand all weather conditions and is rated IP65.

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Weight 16 kg

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