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FPM PowerBack 24V B-Mount Kit

FPM PowerBack 24V B-Mount Kit

76.00 / day (ex VAT)

Reimagine your camera setup with the all new PowerBack – Designed to make your handheld rig as small and lightweight as possible.

PowerBack takes all the extra stuff on your camera body (batteries, video transmitters, etc) and mounts them firmly onto your back, leaving you with the simplest setup.

Quick release system on your back makes it really easy to hand away the camera and backplate between shots.

PowerBack kit comes with 12V or 24V battery plates.

Use the 12V battery plate with well-known 12V V-Lock or Gold Mount batteries. Every socket including camera power and accessory power output 12V (unregulated).

Our 24V battery plate is to be used with the new 24V B-Mount batteries. Camera power socket outputs 24V (unregulated) and all accessory power sockets output 15V / 100W (regulated).

PowerBack’s display indicates the status of your battery – voltage and graphic state of charge level.
Cheeseplate style design offers you countless ways for mounting accessories.
For more information, please see the PowerBack Product Sheet

1x FPM PowerBack Plate 24V B-Mount
1x Harness for FPM PowerBack
1x Camera Cable for FPM PowerBack 24V
1x Transport Case for FPM PowerBack

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