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Nanlux NL Mount Projection Adapter AS-PJA-NLM

Nanlux NL Mount Projection Adapter AS-PJA-NLM

11.90 / day (ex VAT)

Connect third party Projection Attachments to the Evoke 900C, 1200 & 1200B.
High Efficacy, Quality Optics Optimized optical system that can avoid light loss and increase luminous efficacy. Aspheric lens with optical coating can efficiently improve light transmittance, accuracy in CCT value as well as homogeneity in the beam.

High Load Capacity, High Degree Stability Made of high strength aluminum alloy and can be easily clipped into place by rotating, while an extra locking screw provides enhanced stability. Support the weight of third-party projector mount with much ease. Sturdy combination even when pointed at large angle of depression. It also comes with a ring for attaching a safety wire.

1x Nanlux NL Mount Carrying Case

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