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Zacuto Kameleon EVF-Pro

Zacuto Kameleon EVF-Pro

18.00 / day (ex VAT)

Zacuto Z-KEVF-P (ZKEVFP) Kameleon Pro 1080p Micro-OLED EVF Viewfinder. Please Note: new firmware (V1.034) available here.
1.Fixed the problem of consistency of waveform under SDI signal and HDMI signal.
2.Fixed problem of flickering in some circumstance.

The Kameleon EVF Pro includes all the features of the current model plus Waveform, Vectorscope, and an all-new display interface.
Kameleon EVF vs Kameleon EVF Pro

In order to incorporate Waveform and Vectorscope into the new interface, Zacuto have changed the overlay to a classic 16×9 image with space underneath for scopes and additional information. Moving the data under the image also allows for a brighter, more colorful image and helps prevent burn-in.
A Powerful, 1080p, Micro-OLED EVF for All Your SDI and HDMI Cameras
The Kameleon Pro, ‘powered by JTZ’, offers unique features like 4K HDMI input downscaled to 1080…

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Weight 0.48 kg
1x Zacuto 30cm 4Pin Lemo Compatible Power SDI & Video Cable
1x Zacuto 75cm 4Pin Lemo Compatible Power SDI & Video Cable

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