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Arri Pro Set for Sony Venice

Arri Pro Set for Sony Venice

65.00 / day (ex VAT)

Get ready to shoot with your Sony VENICE with this Pro Set from ARRI, comprising a dedicated shoulder plate, a BPA-5 bridge plate adapter, a dedicated top plate, a CCH-4 camera center handle, an RMB-3 rod-mounting bracket, a pair of 13″ 15mm lightweight stainless steel rods, and a QRP-1 quick release plate.

Parts of the set:
K2.0017138, Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5
K2.66252.0, Support Rods 340mm, Ø15mm
K2.0017024, Top Plate For Sony Venice
K2.0000399, QRP-1-Baseplate
K2.0019282, Sliding Adapter for CCH-4
K2.0017137, Plate For Sony Venice
K2.0006186, Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3
K2.0017270, Camera Center Handle CCH-4

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