High Voltage - Light, Grip & Camera Rental



Are you a filmmaker, photographer, or artist in need of a versatile and affordable studio space in Tallinn to work on your next project? Look no further than our studio space!

Located in the heart of Tallinn city, our studio space is the perfect location for your creative endeavors. With ample natural light and a versatile layout, our studio can be customized to meet your specific needs. 240m2 of pure studio space available just next door. Straight access from the rental house and space for makeup, wardrobe, showers, and office. Our studio facilities have a big access door!

Our studio is 12m x 20m in floorspace and 4.7m high to the beams (5.5m ceiling height).

Shooting a movie in a studio can offer several benefits over filming on location. While shooting on location can be exciting and provide authenticity, there are numerous reasons why a studio is a reasonable option for filmmakers. We’ll explore some of the reasons why shooting a movie in a studio can be a practical and advantageous choice.

Control Over Environment

One of the biggest benefits of shooting a movie in a studio is the control it provides over the environment. In a studio, the lighting, sound, and other elements can be carefully planned and executed, resulting in a more controlled and consistent look and feel to the film. This can be especially important when dealing with complex visual effects, as the controlled environment of a studio can help ensure that the effects look seamless and realistic.

Cost Efficiency

Shooting on location can be expensive, especially when considering travel costs, lodging, and other expenses. In contrast, shooting in a studio can be a more cost-efficient option. A studio can provide a controlled environment that can be manipulated to meet the needs of the film, without the added expense of traveling to various locations. This can save time and money, which can be important factors for filmmakers working within tight budgets and schedules.

Availability and Accessibility

Studios are available and accessible year-round, regardless of weather conditions. This can be especially important when trying to maintain a tight shooting schedule. Shooting on location can be hindered by weather conditions, causing delays and additional expenses. In contrast, a studio provides a consistent, reliable space to shoot in, regardless of outside weather.

Creative Freedom

Shooting in a studio can offer filmmakers greater creative freedom than shooting on location. In a studio, filmmakers can create and manipulate sets to achieve their creative vision. They can experiment with lighting and camera angles without worrying about the limitations of a location. This can result in a more visually stunning film that is able to realize the filmmaker’s creative vision fully.

In conclusion, shooting a movie in a studio can offer many advantages over shooting on location. The controlled environment, cost efficiency, availability and accessibility, and creative freedom provided by a studio can make it a practical and reasonable option for filmmakers. While location shooting can provide authenticity and excitement, shooting in a studio can offer a more controlled and consistent result that can ultimately enhance the overall quality of the film.