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Atomos Shogun 7 Monitor/Recorder Kit

Atomos Shogun 7 Monitor/Recorder Kit

65.00 / day (ex VAT)

Atomos Shogun 7 is a precision HDR monitor-recorder-switcherdesigned for the film and video professional. It can be used aseither a stand-alone field monitor, recorder and switcher forevent, documentary and live in-the-field storytelling; or as a toolfor large-scale on-set episodic TV, film and cinema productionswhere multiple crew members such as focus pullers, grips andcinematographers require a consistent visual reference acrossthe field monitor ecosystem. Shogun 7’s portable size lets youmonitor, analyse and tag while on set; and check how yourcontent will look in your audience’s home via real-time DolbyVision output. With Shogun 7 you’re not locked into any format,camera manufacturer or pipeline. It is a completely flexiblemaster recording and production station.

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