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cMotion cPRO Wireless Follow Focus Kit

cMotion cPRO Wireless Follow Focus Kit

120.00 / day (ex VAT)

Ready to use kits consist of an ergonomic and intuitive cPRO hand unit paired with a cPRO motor all equipped with the latest cmotion RF module. The LBUS interface not only allows the system to be expanded by simply connecting cforce mini / cforce plus motors for up to 3 axis control, but also accessories such as cmotion’s cfinder III to enable fast pinpoint autofocus.

The cPRO hand unit is a feature packed work horse offering ultimate control in a balanced and ergonomic design. Introducing innovative features inspired by the focus puller community, cPRO supports the needs of the most demanding focus puller.

Mechanically, the cPRO motor is based on the popular cforce mini. However, this motor benefits from a built-in cmotion Red RF module and an optimized motor and gearbox for increased speed and reaction.

Incorporating the wireless module into the motor eliminates the need for an extra unit being mounted on the camera. This combination reduces weight, cables and setup time of a ready to shoot system.

cPRO hand unit w/ swivel antenna plain white focus ring plain white iris strip
cPRO motor w/ swivel antenna, gear 0.8, motor clamp console 19/15 mm
3x cPRO battery (NP-FM500H)
cPRO battery charger (EU plug)
cmotion travel case
Cables: K2.0006758 Cable LBUS – D-Tap

1x cPRO Motor Basic Set
1x cMotion cPRO Hand Unit
1x cMotion cPRO Monitor Bracket
2x Arri Swivel Antenna for SMC-1/EMC-1/AMC-1 Motor Controller
3x Sony NP-FM500H Battery
1x LCS Cable EXT - CAM 0.6m/1.9ft
1x LCS Cable D-Tap - CAM 0.5m/1.6ft
1x LCS Cable LBUS - CAM 0.5m/1.5ft
1x LCS Cable D-Tap & RED CTRL - CAM 0.6m/1.9ft
1x Noga Holdit CineArms 1/4" - 3/8" 112mm / 4.4 inch
1x Plain White Focus Ring for WCU-4, SXU-1
1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 0.20m for WCU-4 / cPRO
1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 0.25m for WCU-4 / cPRO
1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 0.35m for WCU-4 / cPRO
1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 0.50m for WCU-4 / cPRO
1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 1.00m for WCU-4 / cPRO
1x Neck Strap for cMotion cProWireless Follow Focus
1x CMotion Travel Case

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